The Process

Additional Information

Comprehensive Consultation   

Yes, we have over 20 years of experience backing our fleet and wholesale services, but that certainly doesn't mean we conduct our business based on assumption.  You get the best value for your money when we take the time to thoroughly discuss the exact vehicle you are looking for.  This allows us to zero in on the best options for you and target them with intense efficiency. Your goals become our goals.   

Planning Services   

Plan to fail if you fail to plan. All to many businesses have gone under and individual vehicle buyers have gotten in way over their heads because they didn't establish a budget for the purchasing and acquisition of their fleet or vehicle. We want to work side by side with you to help you set up a budget that will help you stay in the black.   

Responsible Buying Made Easy   

It is extremely frustrating when we learn of people who did not get a good value for their investment. We don't just want to put you in the car of your dreams or help you acquire a new money making fleet, we want to make it easy for you to maintain a very strong financial foundation. Sit down with us and we'll help yo determine you ideal budget while maximizing your buying power and being closer to recovering some of your initial investment when it comes time to liquidate your fleet, leaving you with more money to reinvest in your next fleet purchase.   

Research Based on Your Needs   

After the comprehensive consultation and discovery process, we use all of your information and desires to research and source our the best vehicle or fleets. This is a process that starts and ends with you in mind. All you have to do is tell us what would make you happiest and most successful with your vehicle(s) and then you can just tag along for the ride.   

Only If Your Satisfied   

We don't stop until we have paired you up with exactly what you want-we are only satisfied if you are satisfied. This includes being able to choose from a variety of potential vehicle matches for a highly flexible ad customizable buying experience.   

No Lemons, Apples, or Oranges   

Even if you are a professional mechanic, you simply can't always tell what a vehicle has gone through, and that can lead to disappointment with your purchase. Enjoy the best in consumer protection through our thorough inspection system, including industry leading resources such as Car Proof and Carfax reports.   

All Things Big and Small   

We are just as happy to help you with all the little things as we are to help you with the big things of the buying process. Whether you are a casual car buyer or a veteran dealer, there is what often seems to be an endless list of details to address, frequently leading to an immense sense of being overwhelmed. We love details. Our clients enjoy the best vehicles and fleets at the best values through our attention to detail. From thorough vehicle cleaning and detailing , to nicks and scratches, and even accessories such as tires, we are here to help you secure your ideal vehicle(s) in as few steps as possible.    

Initial Consultation to Vehicle Delivery   

Faster than a Ferrari goes from zero to sixty, we'll guide you through the entire vehicle buying process from start to end, and beyond, for a convenient and hassle-free delivery.


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